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If you are experiencing hormonal symptoms, confused about the information, or just ready to deal with perimenopause, we need to talk! 

Even if you have tried programs or diets in the past, you have not done it with me in your corner. 

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YOU SHOULD set up a free call if:

  • You are confused by all the conflicting hormone advice.
  • You are sick of trial and error (or not starting!).
  • You are committed to taking action to impact your health and well-being.
  • You are prepared to engage in a partnership and be patient.

You SHOULD NOT set up a call if:

  • You aren’t 100% willing to make changes to your food, movement, and lifestyle habits. 
  • You are looking for magic pills, 1-step solutions, or done-for-you approaches.
  • You aren’t willing to have an open mind about how the midlife body is different from the early life body.

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