What can I expect in a typical session with you?

Although every woman’s hormonal landscape is unique, there are commonalities among every client session. First, I will ask you a lot of questions. I want to understand your lifestyle, your strengths, and your likes so that my recommendations leverage those. Second, all of our sessions will focus on balancing your hormones naturally through work in the four pillars (Nutrition, Exercise, Essential Oils and Supplements, and Toxic Burden Relief). Lastly, there will always be time for your questions and feedback.  

I have a history of thyroid imbalance. Can you help?

Absolutely! Thyroid is one of the hormones that I can help you balance naturally. We will also assess your cortisol, estrogen, progesterone, and androgen levels. Thyroid is frequently a “downstream” issue, so part of our work together will be discovering the root cause of the thyroid atypia.

I think I am in perimenopause. Do your sessions cover that?

100%! Did you know that perimenopause can begin as early as age 35?! Some women coast through it without even noticing, and others suffer every symptom possible. You might feel like yourself one month and the next you’re not sure how to stop crying over the spilled milk (literally or figuratively!). Making the perimenopause experience as level as possible for women is something I strive to provide. 

I am in menopause. Can I benefit from balancing my hormones naturally?

Of course! Just because you have stopped menstruating doesn’t mean all of your hormones are in balance.

Will I be required to buy additional products as part of your program?

I ask all of my clients to purchase certain essential oils during our work together. I will also make recommendations for supplements, food, and products. 

Why do you insist on your clients using oils?

Essential oils are the bridge between wanting to make a change and sticking to that change. They support every part of our work, so are essential (haha) to completing your plan successfully. Part of my coaching is making sure you understand how to use oils and why they are so effective.

Why do you only recommend Young Living Essential Oils?

Three words: Seed to Seal. When I was researching which oils to use with my family, Young Living was the only brand I was comfortable with because of its rigorous standards and unmatched quality. Check out seedtoseal.com for more information.

Do you work with men or children?

I do not work with men or children, but if you have a daughter in the midst of or beginning puberty, I can make recommendations for you to try with her as part of our work together.

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