Are you in Hormonal Chaos?

Then WATCH this video

Has your body changed since you were in your 20s? 

Your doc said, “It’s all normal. This happens to women at this age. You just have to get through it.” 

But you can’t imagine going on like this. 

You’re not sleeping. 

You’re gaining weight. 

Your mood vacillates between rage and uncontrollable tears. 

You can’t remember the last time you were genuinely interested in intimacy. 

And you’re wondering if that moment of intense heat was a hot flash or just embarrassment because you forgot what you were saying mid sentence.

Imagine saying:

Goodbye hot flashes and night sweats
No more muffin top
Sleeping well is the norm, not a surprise
Hello, libido! How nice to see you again!
Raring to go in the morning
Adios, mood roller coaster
See you later, food baby
Feeling sharp as a tack

The Membership Includes:

kathy fritz coaching self paced course-1024

Self-paced Course

Founding members will have immediate access to “Perimenopause & The Master Hormones” as well as all future courses.

Topics include:

  • Welcome to Perimenopause!
  • The Belle of the Ball: Insulin
  • Dancing Queen: Cortisol


Live Coaching

This is where the magic happens.

Twice a month, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with me live and get the coaching support that will help you follow through on all of your goals.

kathy fritz coaching community-1024

Private Community

Life is fun with friends!

You’ll be immersed in a group with other women doing exactly what you are.

We’ll do challenges together like:

  • Give up the Sugar Monster
  • Take a Caffeine Break

Kathy Fritz Profile Photo Tennis

Hi, I’m Kathy Fritz, Your Hormone Coach.


My clients:

  • Lose weight
  • Rediscover their energy
  • Feel sexy
  • Stop thinking they’re losing their minds! 


I’m a board-certified master health coach and I help women just like you get relief from fatigue, hot flashes, moodiness, insomnia, and other hormonal symptoms while teaching them about how to care for their midlife bodies.

Before I started working with Kathy, I was drowning on every front and totally stuck on what to do.

When we first started working together, I worried I wouldn’t be successful. I’d tried Whole 30 multiple times and hadn’t completed it. Why would hormone coaching be any different?

Working with Kathy has changed the way I am approaching everything about my life. I don’t know if I would’ve had the bandwidth to be successful in this without her.

I have information I haven’t had available until now. This has changed the trajectory of how I will be approaching everything moving forward.

Sabrina C, 43

Before I started working with Kathy, I was losing clumps of hair. I also had no energy and could’ve slept all day. I worried that I would make bad choices until I made myself sick or morbidly obese.

Now that I’m through my program, my hair isn’t falling out like it was, I’ve lost weight, and my energy is up!

During my program, I learned better tools, and now I turn to these tools with more ease and speed.

One of the most surprising parts of my program was how it helped me release the guilt I’ve been feeling around my health and lifestyle.

Jenna G, 46

I decided to work with Kathy because I wanted to manage my PMDD symptoms, and be the confident and energetic mom that I knew I was capable of being.

I used to feel scattered in my own body because of drastic hormonal rises and falls. It was hard to make health-supportive choices.

Three months later, my perception has changed so much. I exceeded my weight loss goal, but more importantly, I stopped focusing on the scale and am now more interested in how I feel.

Kathy answered my questions, never judged me for slip ups, and ensured that this experience was amazing. I now have an arsenal of tools and easy buttons to lean on.

Caitlin O, 41


This membership was created after years of client work. I know the information is powerful because it’s based in science. I know transformation is possible because I’ve seen it happen for every client. But you have to choose to engage.

Once you decide this is right for you, I’m going to hold you to it!

You can stop your monthly membership at any time, and there is no fee or penalty for canceling, but refunds are not available for past months.

Your financial commitment to yourself and this membership will be part of what motivates you to do the work (although I know you’ll discover even better motivators through your work!).

I have poured myself into this membership to impact as many women as possible for a fraction of the cost of private coaching.

I’ll be there with you every step of the way, and I can guarantee that if you put in the time, take the action, and stay focused on your goals, you will get the results you want.


How many hours/week will I need for this membership?

1-2 is the minimum. You could certainly go through the course at a faster pace if you carve out more time for the course. The coaching sessions will also require your time, but that is where the magic happens!

How quickly can I expect results?

Most of my clients experience noticeable differences within 3 weeks of starting their programs. However, this will depend on you carving out time to read the information, making weekly goals, and attending the coaching sessions.

How long is my membership commitment?

The membership is a monthly or yearly subscription. There is no contract and you can cancel your monthly subscription at any time with the click of a button. You will not be charged again and you will always be welcome back.

Will the information be too science-y?

No. I use clear language to help you understand your body. There are links to external websites if you want to dive deeper into a topic.

What platform is the membership delivered in?

Practice Better. Because I’m board-certified, I must use a HIPAA-compliant platform, and PB makes it easy! Our course and community will be housed here, and the coaching calls will take place through it.

Will the membership work if I don’t want to do hormone replacement therapy?

Absolutely. In fact, since I’m a health coach, I can’t prescribe BHRT, so all of my recommendations are natural, gentle, and effective.

When are the live coaching calls?

They’re offered twice a month, the first Wednesday at 7 p.m. EST and the third Tuesday at 11 a.m. EST. We’ll begin these March 1 and 21, 2023.


I know you’re confused by your midlife body and hormones. I know you don’t have time for trial and error.

Join the membership so you can feel like you understand your body again, it actually does what you want it to, and you know what tools work for you.