Before I started working with Kathy, I was losing clumps of hair. I also had no energy and could’ve slept all day. I worried that I would make bad choices until I made myself sick or morbidly obese.

Now that I’m through my program, my hair isn’t falling out like it was, I’ve lost weight, and my energy is up!

During my program, I learned better tools that help me make health and hormone-supportive choices, and now I turn to these tools with more ease and speed.

One of the most surprising parts of my program was how it helped me release the guilt I’ve been feeling around my health and lifestyle.

Moving forward with less guilt in all areas of my life will be so impactful!

Working with Kathy gave me a broader perspective on my life, my goals, and how I could meet them in a way that was sustainable for me. This was huge for me, and I know Kathy can help you in this way too!