What women are saying about 1:1 coaching:

Honest, Insightful Insights

I wasn’t sure what to expect from a session with Kathy Fritz. I wasn’t even sure what issues I was going to bring up during our call. But Kathy asked exactly the right questions in exactly the right way to gently guide our conversation towards insights that I will be sure to be able to use to move forward. Kathy invites honest introspection. I received clarity and confidence in which steps I will take next to meet my goals.

Susan F.

Helpful, quick recipes


“I love the variety provided for the meals and snacks, Kathy provides enough options each week and if you make them all, she has more to offer. She asks what kind of foods you like so she can send recipes that reflect your tastes. Each recipe has facts and tips about the ingredients or why this food item is good for you or which kind to buy or avoid, which was also one of my favorite parts of the recipes. Also, I’m a slow cook, but Kathy’s recipes are easy to follow and all quick to make. It was great to increase my vegetable consumption and I learned it’s easy to incorporate more vegetables into each meal to increase my overall serving per day.


Avoided medication


I hired Kathy for 3 reasons: (1) I had a new more “immediate” concern due to recent bloodwork showing I was hypothyroid and my primary care doctor was immediately recommending medication. (2) I feel like I generally know how to eat right – however, I wanted to get additional insight to see if I am “getting the most bang for my buck” in the foods I eat. (3) I trust Kathy. AND, a testimony – I’ll note that when I returned to my doctor for bloodwork, after my coaching program with Kathy ended and I had been incorporating the diet/nutrition adjustments and essential oil blends for a few months, my blood stats dropped to a level where my primary care physician was comfortable to agree with my “pause” before trying medication. We’ll continue to monitor, and I’ll also continue these good practices!  Thank you!


Life changing!


This experience has changed my life in numerous ways, more than I even expected. The most impactful was helping me with nutrition, from cooking, changing what I was eating to establishing a better grocery shopping schedule to prevent last minute eating out! Beyond that, I’ve entered into the world of essential oils and I’m loving that while feeling like I have lots more to learn. And then I’ve started meditating, swapping to natural cosmetic and household products, and tweaking my exercise routines. All such great changes that make me feel so much better!


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