What women are saying about 1:1 coaching:

A new chapter

Kathy was recommended by a colleague that was going through peri-menopause. And I am so thankful today that I acted on that recommendation.

Before the program, I was not sleeping through the night. I was irritable, anxious, gaining weight, and not feeling myself. I was frustrated and exhausted which led to a lack of patience with myself and my family.

The first session with Kathy was refreshing. It’s hard to explain, but I felt seen and heard in a way I hadn’t been for months. She listened to what I was experiencing, and we partnered together on a plan. The best part was she helped me develop attainable goals each week which did not feel overwhelming. She asked what questions I had at each session and provided education on the app which I continue to reference today.

Today, I am sleeping through the night, my night sweats have been reduced significantly, and my anxiety levels have stabilized.

The word I would use to describe my time with Kathy is grateful. I am grateful we met, I am grateful she helped me at a a time I desperately needed it, and I will be forever grateful for her support throughout the process.


Life changing

Deciding to work with Kathy was outside of my comfort zone, but I did it because I knew I needed information about taking care of myself and an expert to lead me. I found that in Kathy.
Over the course of my program, my joint pain vanished, my digestion improved drastically, my energy went from dropping daily, and me needing a 2-hour nap, to staying consistent. I’m sleeping well at night, so my mood is much more stable.
Even better though, our work has guided me to discover things I have inside myself.
My work with Kathy was just the start of a journey to long-term health. I feel like I have this terrific tool set now that I can carry with me, thanks to her gentle, supportive, and knowledgable guidance, and I have the confidence to use it.

Samantha R.

She is empathetic, patient, knowledgeable and simply put, wise.

I was lost in years of postpartum symptoms and monthly flares related to PMDD. My fluctuating hormones and my body’s reaction to them affected my mothering, my relationships, and my sense of self. I was in a debilitating fog.

Enter Kathy. With her gentle, empowering guidance, I was able to cut through the fog, little by little, individual trouble by trouble. Together we identified core issues, really dug deep, brainstormed, and set goals to actually change the aspects of my life that I was finding distressing and overwhelming. Meeting with her weekly forced me to take the time I desperately needed in order to sift through my own thoughts, emotions and actions. Meanwhile Kathy was there encouraging, supporting, providing resources and asking all of the right questions. My answers to those questions ultimately became the roadmap to gaining back control of my life.

But why Kathy? She is empathetic, patient, knowledgeable and simply put, wise. She puts you in charge, she lets you lead the way and enables you to determine the course!! And it doesn’t end with the program, either- Kathy has mastered the art of subtly helping you to develop the skills you need to help yourself in the long-term.

I doubted that a 12 weeks program could undo 7 years of struggle. I’ve never been so happy to be completely wrong.

Jillian H.

She is a delight to work with, empathetic, knowledgeable, passionate, and compassionate.

After years of tumultuous emotions every month for 5 days before my period, I’d had enough, so I hired Kathy.

She helped me figure out how to work with my body and manage it without medication. I have a better understanding of what will happen when and where, what nourishes my body, and what hijacks my hormones.

The work I did in my program resolved my acne, improved my mood drastically (especially before my period), helped my hair begin to grow, and now I can separate myself from my emotions instead of feeling buried beneath them.

Kathy is a hormone expert, but every week she wanted to know what my biggest issue was and what I wanted to do with the information she shared. Kathy will give you the tools you need to understand your body and prioritize yourself, but you get to be in the driver’s seat for it.

I appreciated the way that she allowed me to lead the direction of our work together. She followed my prioritization, encouraged me to trust my intuition, and gave me space to not do everything “perfectly.”

She is a delight to work with, empathetic, knowledgeable, passionate, and compassionate.

Catherine S.

I needed a coach and I got a great one!

I decided to work with Kathy because I wanted to manage my PMDD symptoms, be the confident and energetic mom that I knew I was capable of being, and reclaim a sense of self that allowed me to feel femanine and whole.

Before I started working with Kathy, I felt scattered in my own body. I was experiencing hormonal rises and falls that were so drastic, all consuming, and defeating that it was hard to make health-supportive choices. I believed I could make changes that would help, but I experienced so much self doubt because of the severe ebbs and flows.

Three months later, my perception has changed so much that it is surprising to hear that I had this intense self-loathing. I exceeded my weight loss goal, but more importantly, I stopped focusing on the scale and am now more interested in how I feel.

Regularly setting goals and the weekly follow up that is built into the program made me feel supported. Kathy answered my questions, never judged me for slip ups, and ensured that this experience was amazing. I liked how fully customized the program was, and now I have an arsenal of tools and easy buttons to lean on

caitlin oshaughnessy

So Much More Forward Momentum!

Before I started working with Kathy, I was losing clumps of hair. I also had no energy and could’ve slept all day. I worried that I would make bad choices until I made myself sick or morbidly obese.

Now that I’m through my program, my hair isn’t falling out like it was, I’ve lost weight, and my energy is up!

During my program, I learned better tools that help me make health and hormone-supportive choices, and now I turn to these tools with more ease and speed.

One of the most surprising parts of my program was how it helped me release the guilt I’ve been feeling around my health and lifestyle.

Moving forward with less guilt in all areas of my life will be so impactful!

Working with Kathy gave me a broader perspective on my life, my goals, and how I could meet them in a way that was sustainable for me. This was huge for me, and I know Kathy can help you in this way too!

Jenna G

Kathy changed my entire life!

Before I started working with Kathy, I was drowning on every front and totally stuck on what to do. I wondered how much was perimenopause, how much was burnout, and what I should tackle first.

When we first started working together, I worried I wouldn’t be successful. I’d tried Whole 30 multiple times and hadn’t completed it. Why would hormone coaching be any different?

As our working together evolved, Kathy gently encouraged me to stop taking an all or nothing approach. She helped me break down big goals into smaller pieces, prioritize those, and then take one step at a time. We’d problem solve together to figure out what needed to be done right then, and Kathy would coach me to narrow my focus there.

Working with Kathy has changed the way I am approaching everything about my life. Her weekly support helped me get through the frustration of an endless battle to get a diagnosis and much needed medication. I don’t know if I would’ve had the bandwidth to be successful in this without her.

I have information I haven’t had available until now. This has changed the trajectory of how I will be approaching everything moving forward.

Sabrina C

Helpful, quick recipes


“I love the variety provided for the meals and snacks, Kathy provides enough options each week and if you make them all, she has more to offer. She asks what kind of foods you like so she can send recipes that reflect your tastes. Each recipe has facts and tips about the ingredients or why this food item is good for you or which kind to buy or avoid, which was also one of my favorite parts of the recipes. Also, I’m a slow cook, but Kathy’s recipes are easy to follow and all quick to make. It was great to increase my vegetable consumption and I learned it’s easy to incorporate more vegetables into each meal to increase my overall serving per day.


Avoided medication


I hired Kathy for 3 reasons: (1) I had a new more “immediate” concern due to recent bloodwork showing I was hypothyroid and my primary care doctor was immediately recommending medication. (2) I feel like I generally know how to eat right – however, I wanted to get additional insight to see if I am “getting the most bang for my buck” in the foods I eat. (3) I trust Kathy. AND, a testimony – I’ll note that when I returned to my doctor for bloodwork, after my coaching program with Kathy ended and I had been incorporating the diet/nutrition adjustments and essential oil blends for a few months, my blood stats dropped to a level where my primary care physician was comfortable to agree with my “pause” before trying medication. We’ll continue to monitor, and I’ll also continue these good practices!  Thank you!


Life changing!


This experience has changed my life in numerous ways, more than I even expected. The most impactful was helping me with nutrition, from cooking, changing what I was eating to establishing a better grocery shopping schedule to prevent last minute eating out! Beyond that, I’ve entered into the world of essential oils and I’m loving that while feeling like I have lots more to learn. And then I’ve started meditating, swapping to natural cosmetic and household products, and tweaking my exercise routines. All such great changes that make me feel so much better!


Honest, Insightful Insights

I wasn’t sure what to expect from a session with Kathy Fritz. I wasn’t even sure what issues I was going to bring up during our call. But Kathy asked exactly the right questions in exactly the right way to gently guide our conversation towards insights that I will be sure to be able to use to move forward. Kathy invites honest introspection. I received clarity and confidence in which steps I will take next to meet my goals.

Susan F.

Empathetic and Helpful

I met with Kathy to see if she could help my mom who has been having issues with ear pressure and aniexty for over a year now. Kathy listened, asked all the right questions and ultimately decided she couldn’t help (which I really appreciated how honest she was!). However, she took the time to refer us to someone she thought could help and was just an overall lovely person to chat with! I could tell by that quick conversation that she truly cares about helping people find their optimal health and that she’s a true expert in her field. I highly recommend connecting with her!


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