Don’t these ladies look like they’ve got it figured out? Like they’re at peace with where they are in their lives?

I want you to get there, too! One of my life’s goals is to help women rewrite the story about aging. Our culture makes menopause the punchline in jokes. It sets us up to believe that our usefulness ends at 50. Well, I’m not buying it, and if you’re reading this, I’m betting you’re not either!

One way we can redefine middle age is by debunking the myths associated with it

Myth #1

Menopause is going to be the WORST!

Ladies, you just because your mom’s or your sister’s or your aunt’s experience was torture doesn’t mean yours will be! Because you are more educated, you have learned more tools, and you are a fighter. You’re creating the foundation now through shifting your eating habits, your self-care routine, your exercise routine, and your supplement intake. When menopause begins, you’re going to continue sleeping well, feeling energetic, getting romantic, and engaging with the world because you’ve taken care of yourself.

Myth #2

Menopause is “the end.”

The end of what? Will you die when you begin menopause? Heck, no! It’s true that if you want to procreate when you’re in menopause, you’ll have quite a challenge, but nothing else has to change! You can still be the vibrant, vital woman you are!

Myth #3

You wake up suddenly in menopause.

If you’ve been reading my emails, you know that perimenopause can last over 10 years! In the same way that we build to our first period through puberty, we build to the cessation of our periods through perimenopause.

Myth #4

Menopause = Weight Gain

Do a lot of women gain weight during perimenopause and menopause? Yes. But does this mean it will happen to you? Nope! Because you know more than the average woman about hormones and how to support them, so you are making changes in what you eat, how you exercise, and how you take care of yourself. And these changes are going to ensure you don’t pack on the pounds in mid-life.

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