Helping Midlife Women To:

Lose the excess weight so that you can feel good in your skin, wear the clothes you want to wear, and love your body again.

Slow down aging so you can live longer, avoid a chronic diagnosis, and show up for your family, partner, and kids as your best self.

Sleep through the night without interruption from hot flashes so that you feel rested, function better in the morning, and have a happier mood. 

Overcome fatigue & feel rejuvenated and energized  even past midday so you can  enjoy going out to dinner, and live an active, joyful, and vibrant life.

Feel clear-headed again so that you can stop relying on caffeine, be more productive at work, reach your career goals

Be strong and active without restrictions and limitations so that you are pain-free, have fun with your partner and kids, and participate in the activities you want to now and in your golden years.  

Have full hair and glowing skin so you can feel confident when you leave your house and proud of your youthful appearance.

Resolve GI issues so you can stop the bloating, constipation, gas, and discomfort, and no longer look pregnant. Fit in your clothes, go through day without discomfort

Stop feeling anxious and irritable so you can have inner peace, be a present and intimate partner, have more patience in all of your relationships, and be the loving mom you want to be

The “Feel Like Yourself Again Protocol”


Through a detailed hormone questionnaire unique to the FLYA Protocol, I will help you identify the hormonal root causes that are specific to you, so you can understand what is happening in your body, know what to do to alleviate your symptoms, and feel in control again.



I will teach you how to make your body burn fat and your cells to remember how they should respond to insulin so that you lose (and keep off) unwanted pounds around your middle (goodbye muffin top!).


I will give you a toolkit that will optimize your melatonin and cortisol interaction so you can try different sleep-supportive techniques, finding your recipe for the sleep you are desperate to have.


The FLYA Protocol takes into account your starting point, what you actually like to do, and midlife body science to create a clear plan that you’ll feel motivated to consistently complete because it is short and easy on your joints. You’ll feel energized, strong, and like how you look in your clothes (and out of them!).



I’ll share practices that will help you feel like your younger self, slow down aging, do (or return to!) the things you love, and avoid developing symptoms that lead to chronic illness. Just because your parents have struggled with aging does not mean you will!


I will save you time and energy by helping you craft a long-term, sustainable solution that directly addresses every hormonal symptom you are experiencing. Your protocol will create lasting healing, so you can navigate your perimenopause and then menopause with knowledge, understanding, and control.

You want to feel better, but:

You’re overwhelmed by the information that’s out there.

You don’t have time for trial and error.

You just want someone you can trust to help you.

What if you could get relief from your hormonal symptoms using food, movement, and lifestyle choices?

Just imagine:

  • You wake up feeling energized and happy.
  • You release excess weight without dieting, counting calories, or measuring food.
  • Your mood is not dependent on when you get your period.
  • You are excited to be romantic.
  • Your hot flashes and night sweats are resolved.
  • You are off the hormone roller coaster!


  Ditch the trial and error and “just gotta suffer through it” mentality.

Get the Hormone Coaching and Perimenopause Natural Treatment you need to prioritize yourself.

Ready to start?

Great! First, book a free 30-minute Strategy Session.

We’ll meet via Zoom, and I’ll ask you questions to understand your experience and explain how my expertise can meet your needs.

We’ll then set up our first Hormone Coaching Session by the end of which we’ll have created your personalized initial steps to reaching YOUR goals.

Rhea and computer

Every program includes:


I’ll teach you which foods are supporting and which foods are hijacking your hormones. You’ll get recipe guidance as well as information on topics that interest you, like Intermittent Fasting and fermented foods.



You’ll finally understand what’s going on in that beautiful body of yours! Hormonal changes will of course be discussed, but you’ll also graduate knowing what works for YOUR body specifically.


Knowing what types of exercise, essential oils, supplements, and stress relief tools actually move the needle FOR YOU on things like weight, stress, libido, and mood is what lifestyle redesign is all about.

Feeling so much better!

At first, I was super doubtful that I could give up the foods that were easy and filled my cabinets. I feared I would fail and this program would be impossible.

But the program took me step-by-step so I didn’t feel overwhelmed.

I’m now less bloated and I don’t have stomach discomfort with food anymore.

My sleep improved.

I lost weight.

I have better energy

I’m more calm.

And I just feel better overall. 

I loved meeting weekly with Kathy. She is so personable, and gave me insights, which made my own goals seem more achievable.

If you’re at a place where you feel like your body is not meeting its potential and you’re ready to make some changes, this program is for you.



 Are you ready to alleviate your symptoms and get the support you need?

Set up a free Coaching Call to see how Perimenopause Natural Treatment and
Hormone Coaching will balance your hormones.

Programs are 3 months or 6 months.

Not feeling like yourself? Wondering what to do to feel better?

Grab 4 Surprising Ways to Reduce Your Hot Flashes, Insomnia, and Waistline!


What can I expect in a typical Hormone Coaching session with you?

Although every woman’s hormonal landscape is unique, there are commonalities among every client session. First, I will ask you a lot of questions. I want to understand your lifestyle, your strengths, and your likes so that my recommendations leverage those. Second, all of our sessions will focus on balancing your hormones naturally through work in the four pillars (Food, Movement, Essential Oils and Supplements, and Toxic Burden Relief). Lastly, there will always be time for your questions and feedback.  

I think I am in perimenopause. Do your sessions cover that?

100%! Did you know that perimenopause can begin as early as age 35?! Some women coast through it without even noticing, and others suffer every symptom possible. You might feel like yourself one month and the next you’re not sure how to stop crying over the spilled milk (literally or figuratively!). Making the perimenopause experience as symptom-free as possible for women is something I strive to provide. 

I am in menopause. Can I benefit from balancing my hormones naturally?

Of course! Just because you have stopped menstruating doesn’t mean all of your hormones are in balance. If you’re still having symptoms, then I can help you!

I have a history of thyroid imbalance. Can you help?

I can! Thyroid is one of the hormones that I can help you balance naturally. We will also assess your cortisol, estrogen, progesterone, and androgen levels. Thyroid is frequently a “downstream” issue, so part of our work together will be discovering the root cause of the thyroid atypia.

Will I be required to buy additional products as part of your program?

I will make recommendations for food, essential oils, supplements, and products, but any additional purchasing is entirely up to you. 

Do you offer a payment plan?

Absolutely! You can pay in one installment or three.

Do you work with men or children?

I do not work with men or children, but if you have a daughter in the midst of or beginning puberty, I can make recommendations for you to try with her as part of our work together.