One of the things I teach my clients is the importance of including healthy fat each time they eat.

Inevitably, someone asks, “But isn’t fat bad for us? Doesn’t it increase our risk for heart disease?”

The answer is complicated, so let me break it down clearly and simply for you.

Fat is a necessary component to many bodily functions, including hormone optimization. You need it, but you need the right fat.

If you want to positively impact your hormone health and cardiovascular health, you need to eat healthy fats and cut out bad fats and processed carbs.

Wait, there are different qualities of fats? And what do you mean by “processed carbs?”

These are really big questions that require more than a quick post. I go into detail about good fats vs. bad fats, and I help clients cut out processed carbs in my group coaching program, Hormone Haven.

But let’s get back to the heart health discussion.

There’s actually no proof that fat is a proximate cause of heart disease. The real problem is too much insulin (that’s a hormone!) and glucose that cause oxidation and inflammation in our bodies.

Your endocrine system (aka hormones) is especially sensitive to bad fats, and when there is the lethal combo of bad fats and excess carbs, you can experience slowed metabolism, low energy, and sluggish thyroid in the short term and heart disease in the long term.

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