I decided to work with Kathy because I wanted to manage my PMDD symptoms, be the confident and energetic mom that I knew I was capable of being, and reclaim a sense of self that allowed me to feel femanine and whole.

Before I started working with Kathy, I felt scattered in my own body. I was experiencing hormonal rises and falls that were so drastic, all consuming, and defeating that it was hard to make health-supportive choices. I believed I could make changes that would help, but I experienced so much self doubt because of the severe ebbs and flows.

Three months later, my perception has changed so much that it is surprising to hear that I had this intense self-loathing. I exceeded my weight loss goal, but more importantly, I stopped focusing on the scale and am now more interested in how I feel.

Regularly setting goals and the weekly follow up that is built into the program made me feel supported. Kathy answered my questions, never judged me for slip ups, and ensured that this experience was amazing. I liked how fully customized the program was, and now I have an arsenal of tools and easy buttons to lean on