I was lost in years of postpartum symptoms and monthly flares related to PMDD. My fluctuating hormones and my body’s reaction to them affected my mothering, my relationships, and my sense of self. I was in a debilitating fog.

Enter Kathy. With her gentle, empowering guidance, I was able to cut through the fog, little by little, individual trouble by trouble. Together we identified core issues, really dug deep, brainstormed, and set goals to actually change the aspects of my life that I was finding distressing and overwhelming. Meeting with her weekly forced me to take the time I desperately needed in order to sift through my own thoughts, emotions and actions. Meanwhile Kathy was there encouraging, supporting, providing resources and asking all of the right questions. My answers to those questions ultimately became the roadmap to gaining back control of my life.

But why Kathy? She is empathetic, patient, knowledgeable and simply put, wise. She puts you in charge, she lets you lead the way and enables you to determine the course!! And it doesn’t end with the program, either- Kathy has mastered the art of subtly helping you to develop the skills you need to help yourself in the long-term.

I doubted that a 12 weeks program could undo 7 years of struggle. I’ve never been so happy to be completely wrong.