When hormones are out of balance, should you address them?

The short answer is “Yes!” But I can hear your next question: Why should I care when hormones are out of balance?

Recently, I was a panelist at the MetroWest Conference for Women. My short talk, A Tale of Two Women, tells the story of (you guessed it) two women with hormonal imbalances. One woman chooses to get help with balancing her hormones and the other does not.

At the core of their experiences is how self-care impacts our hormones.

Listen to their stories, then decide which path you want to take.

A Tale of Two Women is a must view for any woman over 40 who is just not feeling like herself.

Maybe you’ve gained weight that you can’t lose.

Maybe you’re tired. All. The. Time.

Maybe your energy is gone.

Maybe your libido is nonexistent.

Maybe it’s all of these and more.

No matter what hormonal symptoms you’re experiencing, self-care must be part of your healing.

To find out why, click play below.

If you want additional support, pop over here and get my action guide. I’ll take you through some quick and easy changes you can make that will have an immediate impact when hormones are out of balance.

Action guide cover for what to do when hormones are out of balance

Let me leave you with this:

Suffering is 100% optional.

I encourage you to opt not to suffer.

Your perimenopause experience can be symptom-free.

You just have to choose for that to be so.

Reach out for a free, 30-minute End the Hormone Havoc Breakthrough Session, and let’s see if I can help you stop suffering, start thriving, and balance your hormones.

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